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     Since 2019 we have been servicing Olmsted County and the surrounding counties. DeCook Drainage has a team of knowledgable and experienced professionals with over 100 years of combined experience, which allows them to get quality work done in a timely manner.

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     We are able to design and install drainage systems for all your tilling needs. We can help with dirt work, conservation projects and wetland restorations. DeCook Drainage specializes in drain tile installation, drain tile repair, site surveying, dirt work, waterways, basins, berms, wetland restoration, site work, and tree removal.

     DeCook Drainage. Done once. Done right. With drainage installation comes tile repair work. Our crew at DeCook Drainage is extremely knowledgeable and willing to help you remove those irritating wet spots.

     As a drainage company with first-hand knowledge of Rochester, MN, and the surrounding communities, we do your tile installation and wetland reconstruction right the first time. We even take care of repairs that may not have even been considered! With our dedication to superior customer service and an uncompromising work ethic to get the job done right, DeCook Drainage is the partner you need for your drainage services. Contact us at (507) 361-4871 for any drainage services you need in Rochester, Byron, and the surrounding areas. We’ll provide you with a fast, free, no-obligation estimate.

A Drainage Company that Does it ALL!!

Tile Repair

Providing Soil Testing & More!!

      During a consultation At DeCook Drainage, you will meet face to face with our experienced sales staff to address your needs. With this consultation, you will receive a free estimate that is designed using LIDAR software, and other resources to design the best drainage systems for your fields. Upon approval, our experienced tile locators and surveyors will come onsite to locate existing tile and layout the project. 

Tile Installation

     We can help you with a wide range of services including benefits like:

  • New construction excavation

  • Agricultural excavation

  • Early Planting-Early Harvest

    • A well-drained field will have you in your field on an average of a week earlier​

  • Improved soil structure​

    • Reduced Compaction​

    • Improved Soil Aeration

  • Maintain a constant lower water table to increase deeper root growth​

  • Tiling helps with erosion in your low grounds, increases your property value, and a properly drained field will produce greater yields in drought and wet years. This means payback on this investment is returned in full in an average of 3 to 5 years 

     We’re proud to serve Rochester, MN, and the surrounding communities across southeast Minnesota. We work year-round (weather permitting) and are always happy to discuss your upcoming project to give you a FREE estimate.

Ready to tackle your excavating or septic project? Contact us at (507) 361-4871 to get your FREE quote today!

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Office: 507-361-4871
Kyle:   507-251-5661
Jesse: 507-951-5623

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